1. Shinigami-Abrogator

    Shinigami-Abrogator New Member

    Good evening,
    I would like to know how to say "reculer l'échéance jusqu'au dernier moment." ?
    I thought about "push back the due date at his maximum" ?
    Thanks for any answer ! :)
  2. Hildy1 Senior Member

    English - US and Canada
    "push back the due date at his maximum" - to the maximum (not "his")

    Other possibilities
    push back the due date as far as possible
    make the due date as late as possible
    set the date for payment as late as possible
  3. LARSAY Senior Member

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    It has two meanings in French :

    - In finance, it means to postpone the due date of a loan, obligation, etc.to the maximum
    - By extension, postpone the result or consequence
  4. Transfer_02 Senior Member

    Espoo, Finland
    English - British
    What is the whole sentence, please? There is some ambiguity here regarding "dernier moment". Is it referring to the last chance to postpone the due date of the payment or does it refer to postponing the payment itself to the latest possible date. In my mind these are two different things.

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