recuperar una asignatura suspendida

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  1. Nanchang New Member

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    I'm doing a didactic unit to get a job as a teacher in Spain. I'd like to write in English something like:

    Los alumnos que obtengan menos de 30 puntos suspenderán el examen, pero podrán recuperar siempre que en el siguiente examen obtengan más de 30 puntos.

    Thank you for your help
  2. dinis.dinis Senior Member


    "Those students who achieve less then 30 points will fail the exam, but they can always make up for it if they succeed in earning thirty points on the following exam."

    I believe this captures your idea.

  3. Nanchang New Member

    Spain Spanish
    Thank you dinis,

    And how do you say just "actividades de recuperación"?

    Thank you

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