recuperare il costo del trasporto

Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by sdebs, Jan 29, 2013.

  1. sdebs Member

    I have to tell to one customer of us that if he order X number of machines he will "ammortizzare/recuperare" some transportation costs.

    Can I use the verbs "regain"

  2. Tegs

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    Please supply:
    1) the full sentence in Italian
    2) your translation attempt
  3. sdebs Member

    Gent. CLiente, se ordinerà 10 macchine potrà ammortizzare/recuperare una parte del costo del trasporto
    Dear Customer, if you will order 10 machines you can regain some transportation costs
  4. MR1492

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    Just a suggestion, you could use "recoup."

  5. rrose17

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    I agree with Phil and also absorb can be used.
    Dear Customer, if you order 10 machines you will be able to recoup/absorb some of the transportation costs.
    Dear customer, please be aware that the more machines you buy the less per unit you will pay for transportation.

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