Recurso de Revisión

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by stretch, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    "Recurso de Revisión" sería "Appeal for Review"? De antemano agradezco su ayuda.

  2. greenie Senior Member

    English, USA
    More context would be much appreciated.
  3. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    I apologize for the lack of written context--the fact is it is only mentioned in the title of a legal document as "Acuerdo del Recurso de Revisión."
    Hopefully someone will recognize this as a legal term and be able to assist. Thanks again!
  4. Simon Rinalducci Banned

    Mexican Spanish
    Maybe "appeal for reversal"
  5. David

    David Banned

    I would say "writ of appeal" y ya. Es muy dificil traducir los distintos tipos de recurso, casación, revisión, etc., porque nunca hay equivalencias exactas con las figuras del derecho común. "Revisión" is "review," not "reversal." "In Nananina v. Trespatines, 345 XYZ 000 (2012) plaintiff-appellant filed a writ of appeal, arguing that the trial court had wrongfully refused to admit the testimony of Patagonio, an eye witness..."
  6. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    Thanks, David...I appreciate all the responses, and I think you nailed it.
    Saludos y gracias.

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