recurso por infraccion procesal y de casación

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    Hola tod@s:

    Necesito la traducción del título que os indico más arriba. No sé si será acertada mi traducción:

    "Appeal for procedural defect and appeal for cassation to the High Court"

    Espero vuestras sugerencias.
    He visto varios hilos anteriores pero hay muchas contradicciones y no me queda claro.
    Algún nativo me podría decir si es entendible en el ámbito del derecho mi traducción?

    Un saludo
  2. infraccion procesal - breach of procedure
    casación - reversal
    recurso de casación - appeal in cassation, appeal to the highest instance
    siempre (as usual) según el tipo de caso judicial.
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    Thanks a lot Graham,

    It is a civil case. I have found the web site of the European Court of Human Rights and have seen that "Cassation Appeal" is widely used in their translations.

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    Beware of translations that stem from bodies of the EU. It might look like English, but definitely it's not.
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    I'm not certain but maybe the recuro de casación is like a writ of certiorari in the US?

    "Writ of certiorari due to procedural defect"

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    Hello Perrito,

    It is interesting; however Common Law has not a cassation like the continental justice systems. The writ of certiorari was meant to correct the errors and defaults of all other courts. It was not as the "recurso de casación por infracción procesal" nor as the "recurso de casación por interés casacional" as the latter asks for one of the parties to bring a cassation against a judgement, while a certoriari could be started "ex officio" -by its own initiative- by the Court of Queen's Bench.


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