red-line and approve contract changes

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    je ne trouve pas de bonne traduction pour red-line ici:

    Instead of multiple emails and version control nightmares, meet online and discuss, red-line and approve contract changes in real-time with customers and vendors.

    soulignez/établissez des changements de contrats?

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    Sous WordPerfect, 'red-line' était une fonction du correcteur d'orthographe et de grammaire, plus particulièrement destinée aux insertions lors des corrections.
    J'espère avoir pu aider.
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    I believe "to redline" means to strike out. (Huh?) For example, if I'm proofreading text by hand, I use a red pen. When I find text that should be removed, I draw a red line through it or I "red-line" it, or I strike it out. In other words. "red-line" is the opposite of "approve."
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    To red-line, in construction, is to mark up by hand any corrections or proposed changes to plans. It's a way of quickly showing what is wanted without re-issuing plans.

    Does anyone know what the french equivalent is?

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