Redaction, writing or essay?


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I would like to now which word to use when setting homework:

- You have to hand in a redaction, writing, essay of about 150 words.

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    I agree with Masood, "essay" is the best choice.

    "Redaction" is not used in this sense at all.

    "Writing" could be used but you would need to change the sentence a little bit - for example, "you have to hand in a piece of writing of about 150 words".

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    Essay. We don't use "redact" or "redaction" in English, except in a specifically legal sense, and then, it tends to mean sensitive information has been blacked out.


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    Essay every time.
    - You have to compose an essay of roughly 150 words (for you homework)
    I agree redaction isnt apropriate here.


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    Hello everyone. I want to say that my previous post was just a joke because of April Fool's Day, and I totally agree with the word ''essay''.'


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    I don't think "composition" is correct in this context.
    To compose = to prepare a text for printing by setting up the characters in order;
    To write or phrase (a letter or piece of writing) with care and thought:the first sentence is so hard to compose


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    Yes there's a difference. An essay normally has a specific subject, like a history essay - Write a 250 word essay on WW2.
    Whereas a composition normally implies more creativity and freedom, less specificity. Like - Write a 250 composition on your ambitions.
    The guidelines for compositions are a lot less strict.
    If in doubt call it a piece of writing. That fits every scenario, though is slightly less idiomatic at times.


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    I agree with ydnas' distinctions, but in practice in British schools and universities the terms are used synonymously for students' work. Redaction, with an acute accent added over the E, should be mainly left to the French who use it frequently, but if used in English on rare occasions it implies an improvement or revision of what has been written.