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  1. AgataKubasiewicz New Member

    I have this statement (a women says to her friend, drinking wine)
    "You know, that's funny, 'cause I never thought of you as this redecorating wine kind of drinking guy."
    My quetsion is: do you know any other (than regular) meaning of redecorate?
    Thanks for your help.
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    Hello, Agata, and welcome to the forums. The rules require that we post our source and context for questions to be answered.
    Where did this sentence come from? A show? A book? If so, which one? (and subsequently which author if it is a book?)
  3. Embonpoint Senior Member

    Could she have said, "I never thought of you as this redecorating, wine-drinking kind of guy?

    It means she never thought of him as the kind of guy who would redecorate, or drink wine. If that makes no sense to you, let me back up and say that the in the U.S. the "male stereotype" can be fairly narrow. Men, as the stereotype goes, like football and beer, have no culture at all, throw their socks on the floor etc.

    Things like redecorating are typically for gay men or "sensitive" straight men also. Drinking wine in the U.S. might be seen by some as 'refined' as compared with drinking beer. It's something a more sensitive man might do, not the stereotypical macho caveman kind of guy. So when she says I didn't think of you as the redecorating, wine-drinking kind of guy, she's saying she's surprised he's drinking wine and it is changing her impression of him.

    Cross posted with Hau.
  4. AgataKubasiewicz New Member

    I'm sorry. :) It comes from TV serial called Pacific Blue, season 5. I'm translating it into Polish, and I have a little problem with this one, single sentence.
    BUT, I think my problem has just been resolved thanks to Embonpoint. :)
    Thanks a lot.

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