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  1. zhenzichuan New Member

    She called out to the driver, 'I'm redible. I said I would be, and here I am.'
    The driver leaped out of the car. -- From Sharon Creech's Novel "Walk Two Moons"

    What dose "redible" mean here?
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  2. St. Nick Senior Member

    It's not a real word. It's just her funny way of saying "I'm ready."
  3. zhenzichuan New Member

    Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I thought it's sort of way of saying "Readi(ly Availa)ble", but wasn't sure, glad my understanding coincided with your explanation.
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  4. EStjarn

    EStjarn Senior Member

    A few paragraphs before the quoted sentences above, the text reads:
    I stopped. 'You look all dressed up,' I said. 'Are you going somewhere?'
    'Oh yes,' she said. 'I'm redible.'
    'You mean "ready"?'
    'Yes redible as can be.'
    I find it odd that the play on words is explained like this, unless the term had some other meaning as well. However, it seems likely we'd have to read much more of the text in order to suggest what that meaning might be.

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