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The review recommends:

  • An urgent and massive global awareness campaign as most people are ignorant of the risks
  • Establishing a $2bn ($1.4bn) Global Innovation Fund for early stage research
  • Improved access to clean water, sanitation and cleaner hospitals to prevent infections spreading
  • Reduce the unnecessary vast antibiotic use in agriculture including a ban on those "highly critical" to human health
  • Improved surveillance of the spread of drug resistance
  • Paying companies $1bn (£0.7bn) for every new antibiotic discovered
  • Financial incentives to develop new tests to prevent antibiotics being given when they will not work
  • Promoting the use of vaccines and alternatives to drugs
(Superbugs will 'kill every three seconds' - BBC News)

In this recommendation list, most of the bold verbs are used in -ing form except "reduce". I was wondering why reducing is not used.
Thank you.
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