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    Is the past participle in this sentence a reduced adverb clause:

    "The car looks nice washed*,"

    (Subj. + linking verb + adj. (subject complement) + past participle modifier)

    in which case the full adverb clause, underlined here, would be:
    =The car looks nice (when it is) washed?

    Thank you.
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  2. PaulQ

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    No, there are no adverbs in the sentence.

    The car looks nice washed.
    The car looks nice (adj.) (when it is/was/has been/had been) washed (adj.).

    The verb to look has a stative and dynamic form:
    He looked at the girl (Dynamic)
    He looked ill (adj.) -> he appeared/seemed ill (Stative)

    The meal was delicious (when it was) hot, but horrible (when it was) cold.
  3. CRS9 New Member

    Thank you PaulQ for your clarification. As I understand it, "washed" is an adjective, but it seems out of place in my original sentence.
    "When it is washed" is a dependent clause--specifically an adverbial clause of time.

    I think my original sentence could be:

    'The car, washed, looks nice'
    or 'Washed, the car looks nice.'
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  4. PaulQ

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    Yes... I see your point. :thumbsup:

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