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    Could anyone please look at the following sentences and tell
    me if the reduced version is acceptable, and if any
    any difference exists between the full and reduced versions?

    Thank you


    a) Anyone who touches the wire will get a shock.
    a') Anyone touching the wire will get a shock.

    b) Women who look after small children get paid well.
    b') Women looking after small children get paid well.

    c) The person who looks after my child every day is sick.
    c') The person looking after my child every day is sick.

    d) The student who looks bright is John.
    d') The student looking bright is John.

    e) The man who lives is Tokyo is rich.
    e') The man living in Tokyo is rich.

    f) The boy who found the cat was Tom.
    f'‘) The boy finding the cat was Tom.
  2. ClaireC123 Member

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    I would say they all technically make sense apart from f'. You would have to say, 'The boy finding the cat is Tom.'
    However, I think the first sentence sounds the best for all 6 sentences. In a, when you say 'anyone touching the wire', that sort of sounds like you have to be touching it right now to get a shock, but what you're really trying to say is anyone who touches the wire in the future or now will get a shock.

    I hope this makes sense!
  3. Cenzontle

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    I agree that the first sentence sounds best for all six.

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