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    Combine the following sentences, using reduced relative clauses. Use the first sentence as the main clause.

    1. Children love nature more than others. They make contact with it early.

    (A) Children making contact with nature early love it more than others.
    (B) Children love nature more than others making contact with it early.
    2. The World Wild Life conference attracted 500 people. They represented 59 countries.
    (A) The World Wild Life conference representing 59 countries attracted 500 people.
    (B) The World Wild Life conference attracted 500 people representing 59 countries.

    According to each situation, which one is correct?
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    Hello yui_2000. What is the source of the sentences you quoted, please? Are they from a textbook, or did you make them up yourself?

    Sentence 1 is bizarre. The difference between "children" and those they are being compared with ("others") is not clear or even logical, and the statement in this generalised form doesn't make sense. But even so, it tells us two things about children: (1) they love nature more than others :confused:, and (2) they make contact with it early.
    1A seems to tell us that because children make contact with nature early, they love it more than others. This has no logic and cannot be demonstrated to be valid. How do we measure how much children or "others" love nature, and who are these "others"? However, that seems to be the answer they are looking for.
    1B is unclear, because we do not know who the subject of "making" is - "children" or "others". In any case it is illogical.
    2A is not a summary of sentence 2. Sentence 2 says the people represented the 59 countries, not the conference. So obviously 2B is correct.

    And it should be "wildlife", not "wild life".
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    Neither 1A or 1B says the same thing 1 does.

    2B says the same thing that 2 does.

    I agree with the comments in post #2. They apply to AE as well as BE.
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    1A is faulty. It might be improved by changing the word-order slightly to avoid "early love":
    • Children making early contact with nature love it more than others.
    But I still don't think that a reduced relative clause is the appropriate tool to use here. Your book is asking you to bake a cake using a hammer and nails. The word you need is because.

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