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Discussion in 'English Only' started by AukeleC, Jul 26, 2006.

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    I am unable to find any reference on the use of "redwell" folder. I believe it's a brand, as in "Redweld;" however, I am not finding any other reference. I have found the word "redwell" in use of legal folders, but I am wondering if the proper spelling is with a capital R and if they MEAN "Redweld" file folder. (these are attorneys using this word) Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. maxiogee Banned

    You would need to give us the context in which you have come across this word. Tow or three of the sentences leading up to, and including, the full sentence in which it occurs.
  3. la grive solitaire

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  4. AukeleC New Member

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    Here's the sentence where the "red wel" reference comes up:

    "There is a file entitled Norton Deposition, contained in a red wel file."

    The context is that the attorney is looking through boxes of pleadings and other Bankers boxes full of documents and folders, reading out verbally what is contained within the boxes.

  5. OklaCR New Member

    I have found a reference to several companies that sell a brand name of legal folders called "Redweld." I believe this is what you're referring to.
  6. Ilike New Member

    People in my office routinely refer to expandable, accordian-type files as "redwelds." It is a genericization of the brand name Redweld.
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    I'm a lawyer and I've always heard them referred to as "redwells." I didn't realize that it is a brand name spelled with a "d" at the end.
  8. LCman New Member

    Yeah. It is a common mistake to call the redweld or redwallet file folders "redwells".
  9. LegalAsst1 New Member

    LCman is CORRECT -- redweld is the actual word (it is similar to using bandaid to describe an adhesive bandage, or vaseline to describe petroleum jelly, these brandnames have become household words)

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