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    Hello! Currently working on a dissertation project on French language and I've been back and forth over WordReference so many times I feel like I live here. I can't in good conscience leave this website out of my bibliography, any pointers as to how to reference you?
    My guess, sans publisher, location, etc:, 2013.

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    I could tell you how I cite Web sites in a book I'm working on now, but that will not tell you what you need to know. WRF is surely not the first Web site that anyone at your university has ever cited in a dissertation. It should have a standard method of citing Web sites. You must find out what it is.
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    Hello gertlush,

    Nowadays (at least in North America) specific URLs for web references are no longer cited in bibliographies, because they are dynamic and often change or even disappear.

    Instead, you just cite the name or description of the website, its main URL and the date you accessed it to find the reference.

    For example:
    See more information here
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