refermable bouchon


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Could you tell me what is the word for "refermable" in this context :
There is a thread with "refermable" but it is for zip lock bags. It does not fit as there is a stoppper.

Vin en sachet souple refermable

  • FrançoisXV

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    You mean with a kind of a plastic tap ?

    Ce conditionnement est souvent appelé "bag in box" on peut éventuellement ajouter (with faucet)


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    Hi Bmama,

    A 'reclosable spigot'?

    Found on the web:

    Sutter Home has joined the parade of producers in California making "wine in a box." New at select retailers nationwide on May 1, Sutter Home's White Zinfandel now comes in a cube-shaped pink box with '60s-style graphics and liner notes by wine expert Erika Lenkert, author of "The Last Minute Party Girl." The box doesn't look big enough, but it holds the equivalent of four bottles of wine and has a pink, reclosable spigot. Suggested retail price is $12.

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