Reform Papacy


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this is from the book The Empire of Manuel I Komnenos, 1143-1180 by Paul Magdalino.

The Patriarch of Constantinople did not live at a safe distance from his emperor, and lacked the combination of local temporal lordship and far-flung spiritual support which made the Reform Papacy so irresistible.

Is Reform Papacy the same as Reforming of Papacy?
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    It presumably means "the papacy during the period of reform," but when that was and what it means isn't something we can tell you.


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    The Reform Papacy must refer to the Papacy during a period of reform. (As here, for example: Gregorian Reform)

    The "reforming (or reformation) of the papacy" would refer to a process.


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    The Gregorian reform, started in the XI century, laid the main foundations for the historical process in which the pope of Rome claimed/imposed his spiritual and temporal primacy over the entire (universal: lat. catholĭcus, gr. καϑολικός) Christianity, as Chief of the Church and absolute monarch of the State of the Church.
    Historians (Christians included) have made it clear that only through intrigues, manipulations and sensational falsifications of important documents, the papal court was able to justify this evolution, so far from the evangelical spirit of the origins.