refugees <to be> resettled

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Gabriel Malheiros

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Portuguese - Brazil
I don't understand the use of "to be" in this phrase. What does it mean?

"15,000 more refugees to be resettled in U.S. next year"

Thank you
  • Chez

    Senior Member
    English English
    It is 'telegraphic' or abbreviated language typical of newspapers. It means 'will be resettled'.


    Senior Member
    British English
    It indicates not only that they will actually settle there but that the government or other relevant agencies are planning (making arrangements) for that.


    Member Emeritus
    English - US
    It's a headline on a Washington Post article.* Headlines, as Chez says, usually don't use full sentences and use short words ("to be" rather than "will be", for example).

    The article begins: "The United States will increase its cap on the number of refugees it admits and resettles . . . ", clearly indicating that "to be" refers to the future.

    *It's always helpful, Gabriel, if you give us your source plus a link, so we don't have to go searching for it.
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