Refund credit?

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Dear friends,

I bought a shirt on the internet last week. I made my payment online and then I received an email from the seller:

"You are lucky that you will receive a refund credit."

What does it mean? What is "refund credit"?

Thank you very much for your answers.:)
  • JamesM

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    It's not clear. It could be a credit against your account with the retailer or it could be a credit on your credit card, if you used one to purchase something there. In the U.S. you would usually receive either a store credit or a refund. Combining the two is confusing to me.

    A store credit means that you have a credit equal to the value of the item you returned but you must spend it at that store. A refund would be a credit against your credit card (backing out the original purchase) or usually a check if you paid by check or with cash.


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    Is it refund/credit?
    Refund means your money would be given back by the seller.
    Credit means credit applied to the seller's account to be used for buying another products.
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