Refuse - she refused to go / she refused going

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  1. muradan2 Senior Member

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    When using the verb "to refuse" I'd normally say something like "She refused to go", but can I say "she refused going"?
  2. Agró

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  3. gengo

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    It's a pain, but you have to memorize which English verbs take a gerund and which take an infinitive.
  4. Wandering JJ

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    As Agró and Gengo said, only the first has the meaning you require. The second does have meaning - clearer if you add a comma:
    - She refused, going to the shops.
    This means that she refused while going to the shops - something quite different.
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    Hola muradan2 :)

    En los recursos, puedes encontrar varios sitios que te pueden ayudar, como esta página por ejemplo. ¡Suerte!

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