Regain <her> consciousness

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My English teacher, who is a non-native English speaker, gets annoyed with me when I use expressions like "her consciousness" or "of your own choice" and repeatedly asks me to avoid using extra words like 'her' and 'own'. Can anyone tell me why?
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    We can only discuss one question at a time (please click that link) - so for the first one:
    It is probably a comment that "her" is unnecessary (i.e. "extra") because no-one can regain anyone else's consciousness, and we would simply say "She regained consciousness"


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    Is it grammatically incorrect to add "her"?
    It's grammatically correct but sounds odd. A lot of things that are grammatically correct sound odd or make no sense at all. For example, would you say "She died herself in 2010" to simply mean she died in 2010?

    You should not aim at being only grammatically correct but speaking natural English.

    The renowned linguist Chomsky aptly said, "Colourless green ideas sleep furiously" is grammatically correct but nonsense.
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