regard A as B / regard as B A


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Hello :)

When I firstly learned English,
without any doubt I just memorized 'regard A as B' as a frequently-using idiom.
(Is 'frequently-using' correct?;; )

These days, I heard someone said that in cases like 'regard A as B,'
it's possible to use it 'regard as B A' when A is exceedingly long. (compared to the length of B.)

For example,
'The law regards the on-line transmission of music files as a crime'
can be
'The law regards as a crime the on-line transmission of music files.'

I just want to know both of two sentences sound natural to native English speakers.
For me, probably because I used to only 'regard A as B,'
the second one does not seem to be so natural. T-T

Moreover, there are lots of idioms the rule above can be applied to.
So.. for sure.

Thank you! ;)
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