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she discourages Josué from alcohol and emulating his or her own father’s behaviour, seeking to instil responsibility and family values in him, thus paving the way for the regeneration of the father in Brazilian society.


I'm not sure if regeneration is the right word. I want to say 'rebirth', 'improvement of'

thanks for the help
  • balletneatfreak

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    This sentence sounds a bit confusing and long to me. I might write it as follows:

    Seeking to instill responsibility and family values in him, she discourages J. from alcohol and from emulating his own father's behavior. Thus, she paves the way for the ----- of the father in Brazil.

    I think "regeneration" and "rebirth" would work here, but I might consider "improvement" or "renewal." They have subtly different meanings:

    "Rebirth" and "regeneration" make me think that the fathers of Brazil are making a fresh start in how they act.

    "Improvement" makes me think that they're working to be better fathers, but not necessarily making a clean break with the past; it's slower than the others.

    "Renewal" is similar to "rebirth" and "regeneration" but makes me think more of a return to traditional values and roles.

    I don't think "integration" would be correct; that would indicate that fathers weren't part of Brazilian society to begin with.
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