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    I've already read all the posts about the possible translations of "d'autore", but I'm not sure about how to translate it in this particular context.

    "[...] aveva, anche lui, lavorato sulla didascalia drammaturgica, sviluppando una sorta di «regia d’autore»"

    This is my translation:

    "[...] had also worked on stage directions developing a sort of «auteur directing style»"

    My client questioned the choice of "auteur".

    What do you think about it?

    Thank you! :)
  2. AlabamaBoy

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    American English
    Maybe a sort of trademark/signature directing style.
  3. Tegs

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    Hi Pinguz,

    The problem is that you haven't given us any context ;) Can you please tell us more about the text you are translating?

    Cosa significa "aggiungere il contesto"?
  4. pinguz Member

    Yes, of course.Sorry! :) I'm translating an essay on an experimental theatre group. The extract talks about the founder of this group, a director, who's carrying out a study on stage directions.
  5. L'Enrico Senior Member

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    Scusa l'ignoranza, ma non mi è chiarissimo il significao di 'regia d'autore'. E' il nome di uno stile specifico, oppure, come dice AlabamaBoy, vuol dire semplicemente 'signature style'?


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