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This entry is incorrect.

health regime
(diet, fitness plan)régimen nm
dieta nf

This entry should be "regimen" in English. "schedule, rigorous plan, diet, etc." = "regimen" in English.

"regime" is, for example, government regime.

"regime" and "regimen" are NOT synonymous
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    According to Webster's New World Dictionary, "regime" and "regimen" ARE synonyms for this meaning.


    To be more precisely: what the dictionary says is that "regime" can be used for every meaning of "regimen", but not vice versa.
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    I don't agree that "regime" can be used for every meaning of "regimen."

    Webster's Third New International Dictionary shows "regimen" as a synonym for "regime," but it does not show "regime" as a synonym for "regimen." This dictionary is widely regarded as authoritative.

    [Digression: Some have criticized the dictionary for its descriptive (rather than prescriptive) approach (causing some critics to resort to continuing to use the Second New International Dictionary rather than be complicit in the soiling of the English language by having a dictionary that reflects English as it is used instead of how (in their opinion) it should be used).]

    In Webster's Third New International Dictionary, the definition of "regimen" lists as the first meaning "1 a: a systematic plan (as of diet, therapeutic and sanitary measures, and medication) designed to improve and maintain the health of a patient or to control a particular ailment."

    There is no similar definition in "regime."

    In everyday conversations in US English, the vastly more common method of referring to a systematic plan for diet or fitness would be to use the word "regimen" and not "regime." At least in my opinion. Per Google's Ngram viewer, "diet regimen" seems to be about 2-1/2 times more common that "diet regime."


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    Thank all of you for your contributions.

    While it is less common than regimen, regime is in fact used for this sense. The dictionary has entries for both, and as a descriptive, rather than prescriptive site, we will continue to show both. I have, however, suggested that a tag indicating its less common usage, should be added.