Register with/to/at BBS?



I am a social worker, and I have to register with/at/in/to Board of Behavioral Sciences (BBS)
to work as a social worker legally.

Which preposition should I use in the sentence?

Thank you for your help,
  • Egmont

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    ... One of the things about English makes me confused is "article...a/an/the" ...
    You are not alone. This is a common problem for people whose native languages, like Korean but also many others, do not have articles. However, there is one basic rule you should remember: if you have a singular noun like "Board" in this example, and it is countable - that is, you can have one board, or two boards, or a hundred boards - it must always have an article or some other determiner, such as a possessive pronoun ("my board") or a quantity ("one board"). It cannot be without one of those. Therefore, "... with Board of Behavioral Services" cannot be correct. You might still use the wrong article - this rule doesn't tell you which word to use - but you won't make the mistake of leaving one out completely.