'registered against' SIP server


Dear All,

I don't quite understand the meaning of "registered against" in sentence below.

"I have SIP service configured on ONT & all 8 ports are registered against SIP server."

I know each word, but still don't understand the meaning of combination.

Does it mean:

I have SIP service configured on ONT & all 8 ports. And the ONT and all 8 ports were registered "on" the SIP server.

Thanks a lot.

  • b1947420

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    It is a bit difficult to fully understand this turn of phrase but I have seen this type of useage before.
    The preposition "against" has several meanings one being in the sense of "close to or touching."
    So I would understand this to mean that the ports are "registered" in accordance with the requirements of the server. To say "registered on" seems just as appropriate to me.

    One point though.
    Sometimes words adopt a meaning specific to a particular technology and this could be the case here but I don't believe that you are wrong to think in terms of "registered on."
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