Registrado: vivo -acta de nacimiento

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    Hola a todos,

    Estoy traduciendo un acta de nacimiento de méxico del año 1938. Despues del nombre del niño Dice:

    registrado: vivo sexo: masculino

    Mi pregunta es cómo traducir "registrado: vivo". Supongo que registrado significa el bebe y vivo es "alive". Ahora lo tengo traducido así: condition at time of registration: alive, pero no me parece bueno.

    Gracias por su ayuda!
  2. Tochka Senior Member

    I believe the usual term used on English forms may be "live birth." See, e.g, the use at this site. It seems that in US use there is a distinction between "certificate of live birth" and "certification of live birth", the former being the birth certificate filled out at the hospital, and the latter being the state-issued birth certificate.
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  3. stuffybutter New Member

    Thank you!

  4. Tochka Senior Member

    I hope it helps. Note that I revised my post on further thought; not sure if you saw the revision.
  5. David

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    The two items on the birth certificate you cite, though a little confusing as you put them together (vivo refers to one item; sexo to another), shd be translated:

    Birth: Live
    Sex: Male

    The "registrado," is the child being registered, but "registered" would make no sense in this context.

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