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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by FancyFrancy, Mar 3, 2008.

  1. FancyFrancy

    FancyFrancy New Member

    Italy italian
    Ciao a tutti, potete aiutarmi a tradurre:
    Gestione e compilazione del registro di carico e scarico dei rifiuti.
    "management and drawing up register (book) of wastes loaded and unloaded"
    Pietosa la mia versione...AIUTO!! :eek:
  2. Karl!!!! Senior Member

    Derby. England
    Un buon tentativo! Però waste è singolare in inglese in generale.

    But I would like to know: is the waste being managed, or is it the register that is being managed?
  3. FancyFrancy

    FancyFrancy New Member

    Italy italian
    la seconda!...the register that is being managed
  4. Boba Member

    Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbian
    How about: '...managing and editing the waste load and unload register...'
  5. Jelsah

    Jelsah Senior Member

    British English
    Hello there four years later,
    Proz gives it as a "charge and discharge book" for waste disposal although there is apparently a similar register for bookkeeping and I don't know how that would be rendered in English.
    Jelsah :)

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