Registro de Matrimonio

Discussion in 'Legal Terminology' started by Amytu, Nov 9, 2007.

  1. Amytu New Member

    Perú Spanish
    Hi, I want to know the correct translation for "Registro de matrimonio" . It would be "Marriage Register", "Marriage Registry" or another option?
    Anybody can help me please?
  2. monkeycita74

    monkeycita74 Senior Member

    Mexico English/Spanish
    Marriage Certificate ... así es como yo lo he escuchado
  3. garual

    garual Senior Member

    PR - Spanish
  4. msalyer Member

    If you're referring to the actual document, I would say Marriage License.
  5. UVA-Q

    UVA-Q Senior Member

    Mexico City
    México - Español
    En México le llamamos Acta de Matrimonio, ¿Marriage Certificate es válido también?
  6. Camilo1964

    Camilo1964 Senior Member

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Spanish - Venezuela
  7. msalyer Member

    I can only speak to what I am familiar with, but if we're referring to the legal document that two people would register for to be married, I have only heard and/or used the term Marriage License.
  8. UVA-Q

    UVA-Q Senior Member

    Mexico City
    México - Español
    Thanks, it was not my thread, but helped me a lot.

    Thanks Camilo & Msalyer!
  9. Amytu New Member

    Perú Spanish
    Thanks to al of you for your help!
  10. Mama Ocllo New Member

    Hi , I think that marriage license is the right one.
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