regole atte a informarlo circa una buona permanenza

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    Hello all,

    Germano has been sent off to boarding school in Genova, and the chapter begins with him being told, by a priest, "ricordati di essere sincero coi tuoi superiori!" In the next line, we hear that these words were the last "raccomandazione . . . dopo una serie pressoché infinita di regole atte a informarlo circa una buona permanenza tra le aule e le camerate."

    I've translated this--rather loosely--as " the end of a nearly infinite series of rules and regulations aimed at ensuring his proper behaviour in its classrooms and dormitories," but that "buona permanenza" is perplexing me. I know you can say "buona permanenza!" to mean "enjoy your stay!" and it's making me wonder if it's being used ironically here, along the lines of "...rules and regulations aimed at informing him how he might enjoy his stay among the classrooms and dormitories." (It doesn't come across as irony very well in English, unfortunately, at least not if I put it like that.) Does the buona permanenza imply that Germano is supposed to be good during his time at the school--as the context makes me assume--or do native speakers read this some other way?
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    Per me qui buona permanenza indica una permanenza vantaggiosa per tutti, per Germano e per le autorità della scuola. Una permanenza senza conflitti, una permanenza produttiva. Non vedo tracce di ironia.
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    Thanks--that makes perfect sense, though for some reason I'm having trouble thinking of how to phrase it gracefully in English. "Productive" feels too modern for the context. Will have to think about it....
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    Propitious? Not sure about "stay" though... Something like

    ...after a series of nearly endless rules and regulations aimed at ensuring a propitious time would be had/enjoyed [by all parties] in the classrooms and dormitories.?
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