regress happiness on income and income squared

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Can anyone explain the meaning of the followng passage in a simple non-technical language?

" the U.S. General Social Survey one can regress happiness on income and income squared. The latter term is always significant, which is why the single term log Y is used in annex 4.1."
I suppose the author uses "regression analysis" and "regression equation" to analyze the relation between happiness and income. But I have no background in this matter.
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    The first part might be saying that regression analysis shows some sort of correlation between happiness (as a dependent variable) and income or income squared (as independent variables).


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    Bibliopet is indeed correct about the first sentence. And you are correct about regression techniques.

    significant means "statistically significant" - look that up.

    Often, in mathematics, converting values to log values (eg.log y), is used to"uniformise (uniformize in US)" data, so that it reveals useful information upon graphing for example.
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