regretter son manque d'acceptation

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    How would you say il a regretté son manque d'acceptation?

    il a regretté son manque d'acceptation, malgré sa carrière d'ecrivan et de sociologue.

    he felt sorry about his lack of acceptation, despite having a career as a writer and sociologist.
  2. LART01

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    La Haye Pays-Bas
    Lack of acceptance
  3. Glasguensis

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    It would be "his lack of acceptance" (in other words he didn't feel accepted).
  4. Munkerillius Member

    English- USA
    "Despite his career as a writer and sociologist, he was not well accepted, which made him unhappy"

    "He was sorry that he was not accepted as a bona-fide expert, despite his career as a writer and sociologist"

    If you say, "He was sorry about his lack of acceptance..." it is as though he is the person who doesn't accept them, which is not what you want, I believe. So, I think you need to clarify a little with as what, orwhere, he wasn't accepted. :)

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