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Hello everyone,

In the Frozen 2 movie trailer I came across the phrase 'regular thing', which was used by the character Olaf, who says, "is the whole 'putting us in mortal danger' gonna be a regular thing?'', whose meaning I understood to be "something that happens often''. My question: Based on this definition, does "regular thing" sound natural/correct in the examples that I created below in everyday current conversational English?

a. Jack: There was another murder in Rio de Janeiro. João: It's a regular thing there. People in Brazil are used to hearing such news of Rio.
b. What? Three robberies on the same day here? It's becoming a regular thing. I miss those days when this neighborhood was safe.

Thank you in advance!
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    Although I don’t think it’s made it to the dictionaries yet in its own right, I think it’s fair to describe “a regular thing” as an idiom, on both sides of the Atlantic.
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