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    Hi everybody,

    I am translating a recipe book and I am a little confuse regarding certain terms in Spanish. The terms are "sofreír", "sudar", "rehogar" and "saltear". I have found the definition of all of them, but I was wondering if "sofreír" and "sudar" are synonyms, just as "rehogar" and "saltear" could also mean the same.
    I was also wondering how these terms are translated into English. So far, all I have found is "to sauté" for "saltear" and "to sweat" for "sofreír". I have found nothing for "rehogar" and "sudar".

    Thank you for your help!
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    In each thread you should ask about one word or short phrase included in a sentence. Here you seem to be asking about four words. Please explain your specific problem and limit your post to one single question, with an example of how the word is being used.
    Thank you.

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