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    Hi foreros!

    What's the difference between: a reimbursement and a refund?
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    A reimbursement... is when you pay for an item out of your own pocket for a company. For instance...if you drive your personal car for a company...the company will reimburse you for the expenses gas and mileage. Also, it is when you buy something for the benefit of someone else... That person will reimburse to you the amount.

    A refund is when you have bought some item and you don't want it anymore or it does not work, you return it to the store and you get your money as a refund.

    Reimburse- is when you buy or use your own property for the benefit of someone else and you get the costs in return..

    A refund you get when you have bought an item for your own benefit but you return it. Also, when you have over paid on something you get the difference as a refund.

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    Parhuzam's answer is excellent!


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