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Hello everybody,
Here is an extract from Headway Advaced Grammar Reference:

It's possible to introduce the subject of the sentence in the tag. In this case, there can be inversion.
a)She's a lovely dancer, Jane is.
b) Likes his food, does Malcolm.

I'm confused by 'b)', a very strange sentence construction to me, hasn't there be 'He' as a subject: He likes his food, does Malcolm.
Or then to reinforce we should say: He likes his food, Malcolm does. ?

Many thanks in advance.
  • Crockett

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    US English
    Wow, I don't believe this type of English is very common as far as the U.S. goes. However, it seems like B would be correct with or without 'He' to me. I guess it's a matter of personal preference to the speaker.
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