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    Hello, I only know very few words in German and I'd need your help. I was reading the ingredients of an item in a jar, here they are Kürbis* 64%, Wasser, Reisgrieß*. Glutenfrei and I don't understand what Reisgrieß means. Does it mean rice semolina, corn flour, or? I'm really confused! Please help me, I'd like to buy this product but I don't know what's inside. Thank you so much in advance!
  2. Sowka

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    Hello babyray :)

    I think I've never encountered Reisgrieß, but I guess that it's Grieß (semolina) made of rice. And "rice semolina" seems to exist; Wikipedia:.

  3. babyray Senior Member

    Hi Sowka :) This ingredient is written on a few items and I do think it corresponds to "rice semolina" as you said. I'm very grateful to you!
  4. Kajjo

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    Yes, I agree:

    Reisgrieß = rice semolina

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