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Hi -

looking for an idiomatic, or possibly industry translation for 'relais d'opinion'.

The context is :

Une base de données de relais d'opinion couvrant 35 pays.

  • Eno

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    The industry is public affairs.

    I have an idea that the text is referring to a database of opinion poll results.

    Would this make sense?


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    text is referring to a database of opinion poll results. (but this poll refers not exactly to opinion-leaders but rather to sort of opinion-knowers)

    above example (in french) of relais d'opinion

    La prise de position d’une association de consommateurs, le papier d’un grand éditorialiste, le rapport d’un expert, autant de facteurs qui aujourd’hui jouent un rôle déterminant dans les décisions des pouvoirs publics.


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    they don't make the opinion, they reflect it (they are mirrors of the opinion)
    Sorry - I had understood that they shaped opinion. A database of locations (locuses? loci?) offering insight into opinion around Europe? This is a heck of a phrase to translate.


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    A relais d'opinion is what we call in the US a 'push poll'. They are designed to influence public opinion by influencing voters using the format of polling. It is a technique used by lobbyists and spin doctors.
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