...relate to and identify and see themselves in


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Khan hopes Amina's story will help young readers understand what it is like for a young Muslim girl to live in the United States. Khan talked with VOA about her book.

”So I think it’s really important through storytelling and through a character that they can relate to and identify and see themselves in, and realize that, 'Ok, this little girl Amina and her family isn’t as different from mine as I thought…and her community and her friends and her family look very similar to mine.' And hopefully that helps develop more understanding and more tolerance of Muslims."
Book Aims to Help Young Americans Understand Islam
What is the meaning of "...relate to and identify and see themselves in"?
  • "To relate to and indentify and see themselves in [someone]" means you're able to put yourself in their shoes, to imagine what they feel as human beings and thus develop a feeling of empathy towards them.

    In doing so, the narrator invites readers to imagine what the protagonist of the story is going through.


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    that they can relate to -> understand the character in the story as a sort of person that they are aware of
    [that they can] identify -> [that they can] identify with -> imagine themselves to be.
    [that they can] see themselves in, -> see parts of their own character in the person in the story


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    They can relate to (the character) - have a connection with /have an understanding of the character
    Identify - recognize / associate themselves with the character
    see themselves in - imagine themselves being that character.
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