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  1. [Marc] Senior Member

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    Does anyone know whether, in a math/science context, the French word "relation" is properly translated by "relation" or "relationship" into English ?

    Thanks :)
  2. Missrapunzel

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    Le plus souvent relationship.
  3. Mouquiette Senior Member

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    In this context it is a relationship
  4. [Marc] Senior Member

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    That's what I thought... but on google I have more hits for relation than for relationship...
  5. [Marc] Senior Member

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  6. geostan

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    It would be easier to provide an opinion if we had a complete sentence in French.
  7. [Marc] Senior Member

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    I don't know... for example :

    Relation (1) shows that the derivative is zero whatever P is.
    (I made it up ;) )
  8. geostan

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    In this case, you would definitely say "relation."
    I think that when the word you want is technical, you would use relation. That does not exclude the possibility of using relationship in a discussion or explanation of two or more ideas, even in a technical context.

    What is the relationship between X and Y?
    He showed me the relationship of X and Y.

    This is off the top of my head; I haven't examined the differences in depth.
  9. [Marc] Senior Member

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    interesting... thanks a lot ! :)

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