Relative Clauses with Prepositions


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I am wondering how English relative clauses with prepositions are rendered into Turkish, i.e. where the relative pronouns are objects of prepositions. For example, how would you say "the refrigerator, under which the cockroaches used to hide, has been relocated"?

Since there are no relative pronouns, I can't imagine how this would be rendered. Even if it is replaced with simply "where", which is expressed as POSSESSIVE + "yeri" in Turkish, I don't see how that would fit in, since it appears to work with adverb clauses while my example has an adjective clause.

Thank you in advance
  • Rallino

    If it's clear from the context, you don't need to use anything, and Hamamböceklerinin saklandığı buzdolabının yeri değiştirildi. would just be fine.

    Let's say that you think the readers might misunderstand this (perhaps they might think that the cockroaches are inside the fridge, and not under it), then you can specify the location with a possessive attached onto it:
    Altında hamamböceklerinin saklandığı buzdolabının yeri değiştirildi.
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