Relato, relação, relatório

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  1. reka39 Banned

    Hello! Relato, relação, relatório,.. do they all mean report? Or aren't they interchangeable?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    Added: I forgot to include in the list: reportagem.
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  2. Ruca Senior Member



    I think all the referred words have different meanings. In Portugal, they mean mostly:

    Relato: the action of reporting something. In Portugal it is very common to use the words "reporte/reportar" with this meaning, which is an anglicism. I think that "relato" is used in more formal contexts, for instance, "relato financeiro", which means "financial reporting". It is also used to refer to the report of a soccer match on the radio;

    Relação: its most commons meanings are "relation" and "list". It may also have the same meaning as "relato": it is included in the dictionary with this meaning but as far as I can remember, I never came across this word used with this meaning, in my entire life;

    Relatório: it is the document in which you report something;

    Reportagem: it is a report carried out in a newspaper, magazine or on TV.

    Hope to have helped.
  3. reka39 Banned

    Thank you! It helped a lot. Perhaps I have still some doubts on 'relatório'. Is that an 'ata'?
  4. anaczz

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    Ata é ata, relatório é um documento que relata um trabalho executado ou a evolução e/ou resultados de determinada tarefa.
  5. reka39 Banned

    OK, thank you. So perhaps 'relatório' is something that is upon request, 'relato' is something you do periodically.
  6. Ruca Senior Member



    Relatório is the document in which you report something. Relato is the action of reporting. So, "relatório" is a document in which you do a "relato".
  7. reka39 Banned

    Let's assume that my boss asked me to prepare a report on our monthly activity as the person that in charge of doing it is sick. I haven't managed to end it by the end of the day... would I say: 1 'Não acabei o relato' or 2 'o relatório não está pronto'. Perhaps both are correct, as in 1) I highlight that the work is not finished; in 2) I highlight the fact the document is not ready. do you agree?
  8. Ruca Senior Member


    Hello Reka39,

    I think that theoretically you are right but I think that in practice nobody would say 1). I think people would say "Não acabei (de fazer) o relatório" or "O relatório ainda não está pronto".

    Relatório corresponds to the english noun report. Relato corresponds mainly to reporting.

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