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  1. Nona1991 Member

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    Good afternoon everyone,

    I would like to know if the verbs "liberate" and "free" can be used as synonims to "release" in a scientific context.

    Here there is an exemple:

    "Ligand X is released from malignant or dangerous cells in two different forms."

    Could we say "Ligand X is freed/liberated.." in this context? Do you know if these two words are widely used and accepted?

    Thank you in advance!

  2. LVRBC Senior Member

    English-US, standard and medical
    Both liberated and freed would be understood but would sound "translated" rather than "right"; they are not widely used in this context. BTW, it's synonyms, and example.
  3. Nona1991 Member

    Spanish and Catalan
    Thank you very much for your reply and for the spelling corrections!
    Regarding to "release", is there any synonym which can be used?
  4. sergio11 Senior Member

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    Spanish (lunfardo)
    Perhaps you could use "secreted," not exactly as a synonym, but as a quasi-synonym of "released," but I agree with LVRBC in that "released" is the best choice in this context. Why would you want to change it?
  5. Nona1991 Member

    Spanish and Catalan
    I don't want to change it. Indeed, I know "release" is the best option, but I was only trying not to repeat it so many times.. :(

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