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Je bute sur "release of dues". Je ne trouve pas de traduction en français et ne suis pas sûr de comprendre de quoi il s'agit.

Contexte : un contrat entre un éditeur et un distributeur.

"The Company will release dues for invoicing and despatch within a reasonable period of time and will endeavour to do so not more than one week after their arrival at the Distribution Centre."

Ce fameux "dues" apparraît aussi plus loin dans le contrat sous les formes suivantes qui ne me disent pas grand chose non plus : Dues for a title, Dues for an account, Dues by rep, Dues summary.

J'ai bien pensé à redevance ou cotisation mais je ne vois pas comment l'associer à "release" et je ne vois pas le rapport avec "their arrival at the Distribution Centre".

Merci de votre aide.

  • jann

    English - USA
    This seems to be a special/technical term in the publishing industry. From this glossary:
    dues the orders collected by the publisher before publication
    The "orders" in question are requests to purchase the book.


    English - USA
    "Rep" is short for "representative." Either these are sales reps, responsible for promoting interest in all the various books the publishing company has available, or else these are product reps, responsible for promoting the particular book projet(s) projects that they are assigned to work on. Either way, you can imagine that statistcs about the number of pre-orders (dues) that a given rep generates would be useful.
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