Relevé de compte à ce jour


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My matter is the following: I'm going to pass on a statement of account to a customer and I want to start my mail saying "please find attached your statement of account à ce jour".

I think about ... your statement of account as of today / at this day.

Am I right?
Thanks everyone for your great support!
  • dratuor

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    up up up!

    Please find enclosed (si lettre)/ joined(si mail) your account statement up to date.
    Please find enclosed (si lettre)/ joined(si mail) your updated account statement

    anyway that's how I'd see the sentence!


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    Honestly, I'm not sure if "to date" works in this kind of sentence.
    Does Can a native can help me please?
    Hi primokorn

    Your original suggestion "as of today" is fine ("at this day" also works and is a little more formal)

    dratuor - mails have things 'attached', not 'joined'
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