relly off the mat

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This is a familiar spot for the Boston Red Sox, down 2-0 in the American League Division Series to the Chicago White Sox. If the Red Sox are to rally off the mat and keep their season alive, they will need a solid outing from knuckleballer Tim Wakefield in Game 3 on friday's game.

what did they mean by this?
  • sean

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    Hello rich7,

    It is a wrestling metaphor applied to baseball. If you are losing in wrestling, your opponent has you down "on the mat." He is generally on top of you and close to pinning, or defeating, you. In the baseball playoffs, in a best of five games series, the loser of three games is finished for the season. Having already lost two games, the Red Sox are "on the mat" and need to "rally" (muster all the will, energy, guts they have) to avoid being pinned ie defeated.

    rally / off the mat

    lift themselves / out of a difficult situation

    I hope this helps.


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