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I haven't come across this word before. It is used here in a marketing doc and is describing a childrens bedroom designer. It's obviously a word coined from English words, but doesn't make sense in English.Does it mean "designer"perhaps?

Toute petite, sous l'œil perplexe de ses parents, elle s'entrainait déjà à la décoration murale et s'improvisait relookeuse des « Playmobils » de son frère
  • Khandoma

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    French (France)
    Une "relookeuse" designs a person's new appearance. She chooses new clothes, make-up style, hair colour... for a person who wants to change her looks.

    Here, even as a little girl, she enjoyed inventing new clothes / hair etc. for her brother's plastic figures.


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    The modern tendency for "makeover" services corresponds to "relookeuse".
    It can apply to personal presentation (make-up, hair, clothes), furnishings, buildings, whatever ...
    How you define someone who does "makeovers", that's another question, but you're an anglophone, so you can probably find something local to your domain to name the person. Or perhaps restructure the sentence to use "makeover".
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