remélem vs remélek

Hello people, I ahve a problem. I saw this verb and in my book, they say +st persong sg is remélem, and on wikipedia they say remélek.
Which is correct? Could someone please write me whole conjugation of this verb in present please?
Thank you in advance!
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    They are the 1st person Singular form in the present tense for the verb remélni (to hope). The difference between them is that remélem is in the objective conjugation and remélek is in the subjective conjugation.

    The reason for the use of the two conjugations shortly (!):
    - objective conjugation: when the verb is followed by a definite object (e.g. remélem a legjobbakat = I hope for the best)
    - subjective conjugation: when the verb is followed either by an indefinite object (e.g. remélek egy jobb jövőt - I hope for a better future) or no object whatsoever (e.g. A: Hogy is van a mondás? = How is the saying?
    B: Míg élek, remélek. Dum spiro, spero. = While I breathe, I hope.)
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