remade by Patty Griffin

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My students and I are starting a new project on idioms we are currently studying at
The first idiom is 'to smell a rat' and the line I have just posted reads:
'Listen to the song 'I Smell A Rat', originally performed by Young Jessie in 1954, and remade by Patty Griffin, an American Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter and musician.'

Does the word 'remade' sound OK in this context?

Thank you for the time and help.
  • Yez

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    Hello, Salai! I would use "covered". The Beatles wrote "Blackbird" in 1968 and released it on their album "The Beatles"; Kenny Rankin covered it [or "released a cover of it"] on his album "Silver Morning".


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    "Remade" is wrong because you aren't said to make a song when you record it the first time.

    "Covered" is the correct term, but it's somewhat music jargon. Many people wouldn't understand it. Explaining it would take away from the time you have available to study idioms. I'd use a phrase with the same meaning, such as "also recorded by" or "also recorded later by."
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